Over the last year I've felt at times that I was in an alien country and time.  THIS IS NOT THE COUNTRY I SIGNED UP FOR IN 2000! That's been the scream in my head.

After the Parkland slaughter of children, horrible tragedy that it was, I have felt more comfortable. And you know who did it? The young people. They have been the ones who are shouting Truth. They are the ones railing against the current divisiveness, calling for action of Congress and labeling the gun laws Wrong.

Like the child who called out that the emperor wasn't wearing clothes, these teenagers are shouting that the adults in charge are lying, taking bribes from the NRA (campaign contributions) and paving the way for slaughter.

So I want to thank those under 18 who cannot vote or drink, legally anyway, and who don't owe anyone anything. Keep speaking up, please. Wake up a slumbering nation! Walk out of your classrooms on March 24.

Show us what Lent is really about -- aligning yourself with Truth and Righteousness.