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I’m delighted to introduce you to my new series of amateur detective novels – The Shad Series, featuring my latest novel, "The Sea Grape Tree", debuting July 1, 2014!. It’s my latest creation and one that I have so much fun with that I seem to be part of the scenery myself!

The hero of the series is Shadrack Myers, a   jack-of-all-trades in a cliff-side bar. Shad loves to be in the middle of everything and sees himself as the local sheriff in Largo Bay, a fictional village on the eastern end of Jamaica. Barely able to read and write, he has an abundance of common sense and experience, and uses them to solve the problems that come across his path every day.

In subsequent pages, you’ll learn more about the first book in the series, The Goat Woman of Largo Bay. You’ll be able to read an excerpt and make purchases on other sites, including my publisher’s – Simon and Schuster’s Atria Division. My next book featuring Shad, The Man who Turned Both Cheeks, will appear in 2012.

an interview with the author

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