My first film script, and the first of the Crucian Chronicles, was turned into the film PRECIOSA, directed by Peter Sagnia and shot in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands in 2016. The film traces the fate of a young woman from the Dominican Republic who is tricked into becoming a prostitute in St. Croix. Detective Juno and his friend and former prostitute Bodine plunge into the island's underworld to solve her murder. Another short feature script, Family, will be shot in St. Martin shortly, also by Peter Sagnia. 

Currently underway is a pilot script for a TV series based on the first book in the Shad Series, The Goat Woman of Largo Bay. The television series is entitled SHAD, and the working title of the pilot is THE UNOFFICIAL SHERIFF OF LARGO BAY

Also in the works is a production of my play HOW TO BE AN IMMIGRANT, which won a Pistarkle Theater New Playwrights Award in 2017. The Academy Theater in Atlanta, Georgia will be the venue for an August 2018 run with Brenda Porter as producer. Looking forward to the process!