The location of the Shad Series is a fishing village on the northeastern coast of Jamaica. Bathed by ever-constant sea breezes and brushed by aquamarine waves, Largo Bay appears to the tourist as a picturesque little community on the main road to Kingston. In reality, it is a ferment of human dreams and fears, like any other place.

The Goat Woman of Largo Bay, the first in the amateur detective series, introduces the hero, Shadrack Myers. He's a man who refuses to see his life as limited, despite his lack of options. Born to a father who abandoned his mother, and to a mother who abandoned him to his grandmother, Shad has few grudges. He is a joyful character, brimming with hope and compassion, and what he lacks in book learning, he makes up for in life experience and common sense.

The book starts when Shad and his disillusioned American boss, Eric Keller, notice a moving spot on the island offshore from the bar. Although he first thinks the spot is a goat, Shad discovers that it is a woman, a woman who wants to be alone. Simone refuses to leave the island and opts to rent the island and live in the ruins that were once Eric's small hotel. Needless to say, her presence on the island attracts attention, drama, and political intrigue.

This and the other books in the series are told from three perspectives, allowing the reader to enter the minds of locals and visitors who interact with Shad and his fellow Largoites.