If you’d told me 10 years ago that I’d be writing film scripts and plays - instead of novels - I would have told you you’d gotten your Jamaicans confused. Now I find myself writing scripts, some with talented Jamaican Tony Hendriks, comedian-writer-producer, and loving every moment. It started quite simply, with a request from a director for a short film script.

That director was Peter Sagnia, and he turned my script into the film Preciosa, shot in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands in 2016. The film traces the tragic fate of a young woman from the Dominican Republic who is tricked into becoming a prostitute in St. Croix. Another short feature script, Family, is being shot in St. Martin, also by Peter Sagnia. 

My first novel in the Shad Series, The Goat Woman of Largo Bay. is currently being turned into a 60-minute drama series for cable TV called Ganja Bay. Tony Hendriks is the lead writer on that project.

The other project is a 30-minute sitcom series for network TV called All the Frogs We Love to Kiss, for which I’m lead writer and Tony my co-writer.

As for plays, the theatrical script for How to be an Immigrant, which won a Pistarkle Theater New Playwrights Award in 2017, was performed at the Academy Theater in Atlanta, Georgia in August 2018, directed by Brenda Porter and was well received.

But there’s always more to do, isn’t there?